General Trade, Mining and Manufacturing

General Trade, Mining and Manufacturing

Bluescope Mass Meeting

Paul Lister - Thursday, October 29, 2015


A mass meeting of all members will be held.

Time: 7.00 am

members who cannot attend due to work commitments

When: FRIDAY 6th NOVEMBER 2015
Time: from 5.30am


Voting for the new Enterprise Agreements

Please ensure that you attend as we need to count the votes that are in favour of or against the respective agreements.

Bluescope Steel To Continue Production In The Illawarra

Paul Lister - Monday, October 26, 2015

ETU members at Bluescope Steel in the Illawarra have today learned their fate as the Bluescope Board announced that they will continue to produce Australian Steel by keeping the plant open after working with employees to secure savings.

The Board also announced that the company was successful in securing payroll tax concessions which would see the deferment of payroll tax payments meaning the Port Kembla Steel Works would remain open.

ETU Assistant Secretary Dave McKinley, who has been directly involved with the BlueScope matter, said that this was a bitter sweet win for ETU members who have today secured their jobs for the immediate future.

“Make no mistake the only reason Bluescope Steel will be open for business tomorrow is because of the selfless actions of the hard working and committed employee’s.” said Dave.

“ETU members were among thousands of workers who selflessly gave up hard fought conditions with the hope of a secure job at the end of it all.”

“Today is a victory for workers at Port Kembla, albeit a bitter sweet one.” Dave said.

Prior to the completion of EBA negotiations earlier this year Bluescope announced the future of steel making at Port Kembla would be under review.

Bluescope management stated that the board had demanded $200 million in savings or they would close steel making at Port Kembla. This would see the importation of Hot Rolled Coil used for production at the Springhill plant.

The combined unions understood that this was no idle threat and that the closure of steel making would amount to thousands of jobs lost in the region with only the Springhill plant left operating

As a result and following discussions with members, the combined unions agreed to withdraw applications for protected industrial action and enter into meaningful discussions on ways to keep the steel works open.

It was agreed to enter into negotiations mediated by Deputy President Hatcher of the Fair Work Commission and overseen by President Ross. Over the following eight weeks the combined unions negotiated with management over savings that would keep steel production open and save thousands of jobs.

This culminated in the unions taking a recommendation to members who voted to accept a wide range of changes to their working conditions including over 200 redundancies amongst wages employees and over 170 redundancies of salaried employees.

With this guarantee the Unions will be taking the new EBA to a vote next Thursday 5th November.


Organiser workplace allocation

Paul Lister - Thursday, October 22, 2015

Following the departure of a number of organisers from the ETU a re-allocation of workplaces has occurred to share the workload across current officials. In the past twelve months five officials have left the organisation with two full time and one part time organisers employed.

Below is a list of new workplaces that have been allocated to ETU organisers. This list is in addition to any existing workplaces these organisers were already responsible for.

Adam Wardrope – Newcastle
AMP Control, Nepean Power, Dywidag-Systems International, Falk Australia, Hunter Valley Energy Coal, Centennial Coal, Myuna Colliery, West Wallsend No2, Oceanic Coal Australia, Steggles, Weathertex, Independent Gaming.

Justin Page – Newcastle
Newcastle Coal Infrastructure Group, Port Waratah Coal Service, Delta Electricity, Eraring Energy, Macquarie Generation, Tomago Aluminium, Koppers Coal Tar Production, Rutherford Power, Rutherford Transformer Service, Vision Control Solutions.

Brad Currey – Wollongong
All workplaces in the Illawarra region.

Dave McKinley – Sydney
TrasGrid statewide.

Ben Lister – Sydney
Rail, Apprentices, all workplaces in New England region and Far North Coast.

Mark Buttigieg – Sydney
Business Equipment.

Steve Bankes – Sydney
Construction and Lift Industry.

Matt McCann - Canberra
Canberra Construction and General Trade and all workplaces in the Riverina.

ChAFTA set to pass parliament

Paul Lister - Wednesday, October 21, 2015

To all ETU Members
Today’s announcement that the Federal government has cut a deal with the Labor party to pass the Chafta enabling legislation is gutting.
Since the day it was announced the ETU has been on the front foot campaigning against the anti-worker elements of the China FTA.
The protections that have been secured are woefully inadequate. The narrowness of the labour market testing provisions still leave the door open for the driving down of conditions and the exploitation of migrant workers.
The comparative weakness of the licensing regulation changes means that there are still serious safety concerns around the removal of mandatory skills testing.
We recognise the value of compromise and negotiated outcomes, but this deal is not acceptable. The amendments might be better than nothing, but not by much.
This deal stinks. Even though it appears our political options are exhausted the campaign will continue.
Working Australians have a right to know what this rotten Turnbull government has done.
We will continue our campaign from now until the next Federal election and beyond to ensure we get rid of these anti-worker elements.
Our fight continues to protect our jobs, our safety and our sovereignty.
Proud to be Union
Allen Hicks - National Secretary

ETU Gets All Clear from NSW Election Funding Authority

Paul Lister - Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The ETU is required to disclose any political expenditure incurred during a declared period leading up to NSW General Elections. This disclosure was made by the ETU NSW Branch and the CEPU Electrical Division NSW Branch on Tuesday 22 September in accordance with reporting requirements.

The ETU today received confirmation from the NSW Electoral Funding Authority that our disclosure has been reviewed and accepted with no questions arising.

Full details of all political disclosures for all entities will be available on the NSW Electoral Funding Authority website next month.

STOP ChAFTA Town Hall Debates

Paul Lister - Thursday, October 08, 2015

Will the China Free Trade Agreement be good for local jobs?

The Turnbull Liberal Government is intent on forcing the China Free Trade Agreement through the Senate before Christmas.

Australian Unions believe the China Free Trade Agreement will:

  • be BAD for local jobs
  • be BAD for workplace safety
  • be BAD for local communities
  • undercut local rates of pay
  • exploit overseas workers

Come hear both sides and decide for yourself! public debates have been organised for the following locations and we encourage as many ETU members as possible to come along.


Kevin Hogan MP, Nationals Member for Page is invited to debate Tony Maher, Construction, Foresty, Mining and Energy Union.

When: October 27, 2015 at 6pm - 7pm
Where: South Grafton Ex-Servicemen's Club - 2 Wharf St, South Grafton
Contact: Sharryn Usher -

Download the event flyer


David Coleman MP, Liberal Member for Banks is invited to debate Allen Hicks, Electrical Trades Union.

When: October 27, 2015 at 6pm - 7pm
Where: Club Central Hurstville - 2 Crofts Ave, Hurstville
Contact: Maryanne Stuart -

Download the event flyer


Karen McNamara MP, Liberal Member for Dobell and Lucy Wicks MP, Liberal Member for Robertson are invited to debate Ged Kearney, ACTU President and Jane Calvert, Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union.

When: October 27, 2015 at 6:30pm - 9:30pm
Where: The Entrance Leagues Club - 3 Bay Village Rd, Bateau Bay
Contact: Aarin Moon -

Download the event flyer


Fiona Scott MP, Liberal Member for Lindsay and Louise Markus MP, Liberal Member for Macquarie are invited to debate Ged Kearney, ACTU President and Jane Calvert, Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union.

When: October 28, 2015 at 6pm - 9pm
Where: Penrith Paceway - 141-147 Station St, Penrith
Contact: Mary Yaager - or Aaron Reynolds -

Download the event flyer


Peter Hendy MP, Liberal Member for Eden-Monaro is invited to debate Michael O'Connor, National Secretary, Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union.

When: October 30, 2015 at 6pm - 8pm
Where: The Royal Hotel - 85 Monaro St, Queanbeyan
Contact: Jeremy Kirkwood -

Download the event flyer


Ann Sudmalis MP, Liberal Member for Gilmore is invited to debate Jane Calvert, Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union.

When: November 18, 2015 at 6.30pm - 7.30pm
Where: Bomaderry Bowling Club - 154 Meroo Rd, Bomaderry
Contact: Lisa Kremmer -

BlueScope Mass Meeting

Paul Lister - Wednesday, October 07, 2015

A mass meeting of BlueScope members will be held tomorrow 7am at the Fairy Meadow Fraternity Club - 11 Bourke St, Fairy Meadow.
At this meeting members will be voting on the outcome of the mediation (Click here to read a copy of the recommendations / Click here to read a copy of the Mamorandum of agreement). This is an impportant meeting and it is vital for every ETU member to attend.
The doors of the club will be open at 6.30am with the meeting starting 7am sharp.
Dave McKinley - ETU Assistant Secretary

Community Rally - Save Our Steel

Paul Lister - Tuesday, September 15, 2015

CEPU AEC Election Report

Paul Lister - Tuesday, September 01, 2015

The AEC recently conducted the quadrennial elections for the CEPU Electrical Division, NSW Branch.

Section 197(1) of the Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Act 2009 (“the Act”) requires the AEC to provide a written report on the conduct of the election to the Fair Work Commission and to the organisation or branch for whom the election was conducted.

Further, Regulation 141(4) of the Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Regulations 2009 requires an organisation or branch to publish a notice on its website advising members that a copy of the Post Election Report is available upon request.

If you would like a copy of the AEC post election report please send an email requesting a copy of this report to

ETU & CEPU Quadrennial Election Results

Paul Lister - Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The CEPU NSW Divisional Branch and the ETU of Australia, NSW branch recently held their quadrennial elections.

The Australian Electrical Commission conducted the election for the CEPU NSW Divisional Branch where the position of Divisional Branch Assistant Secretary was contested. Eligible members were issued with ballot papers and the ballot closed on Monday 24 August at 12 noon.

At the conclusion of counting and checking the AEC issued the formal declaration of results declaring Neville Betts elected to the position of CEPU Divisional Branch Assistant Secretary.

The NSW Electoral Commission conducted the election for the Electrical Trades Union of Australia, NSW Branch where the positions of Assistant Secretary and State Councillors representing Supply Authority were contested. Eligible members were issued with ballot papers and the ballot closed on Monday 24 August at 12 noon.

At the conclusion of counting and checking the NSW Electoral Commission issued the formal declaration of results declaring Dave McKinley elected to the position of ETU NSW Branch Assistant Secretary and the following members were elected to the position of State Councillor representing the Supply Authority (8): Graeme Paterson, Simon Davies, Neville Betts, Mark Buttigieg, Colin Waring, Noel Mahon, Steve Magann and Susan May.

Candidates for all other positions were declared elected unopposed.