Electricity, Water and Utilities

Electricity, Water and Utilities

ETU Safety Ban on Removal of Bats Conditionally Lifted

Peter Moss - Friday, October 12, 2018


​​​​​12 October 2018


Members will recall that there is currently a ban on the removal of all bats from overhead mains due to inadequate procedures Ausgrid had in place at the time which did not cater for member safety as the No.1. priority.

ETU O/H delegates and I have met with Ausgrid several times over the past few months in a bid to come up with a safe and workable solution on the process for removal of bats from overhead power lines. Our two main issue have always been that members had not been vaccinated and had not been properly trained in a safe procedure.

Together with Ausgrid, our delegates have come up with a safe procedure which requires 3 people, and which has now been rolled out in tool box talks to all affected work groups.

As a result, the work ban on removal of all dead and alive bats is now lifted and members may now remove the bats so long as the three-person method is employed. If you have not received instruction on this method, then do not perform the removal until you have.

If members do not utilise the 3-person method for bat removal, they are placing themselves at risk and not only breaking a union ban but also Ausgrid policy. In such circumstances the union will not be able to defend any disciplinary action arising out of the use of alternative methods.

Ausgrid are also now offering to vaccinate anyone who wishes to be vaccinated and it is our view that people who are vaccinated should be used as a priority by Ausgrid for any bat removals as this is the best way of eliminating the risk.

In unity,

Mark Buttigieg - ETU organiser