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Electricity, Water and Utilities


Bruce Fan - Friday, June 26, 2015

On 25th June 2015,  Vince Graham released NEW DRAFT REDUNDANCY POLICIES in Ausgrid, Endeavour Energy and Essential Energy under correspondence from each of the separate Chief Operating Officers.  Please follow the link to review that correspondence.

 Ausgrid to Steve Butler ETU re MEE Policy

Endeavour to Steve Butler ETU re MEE Policy

Essential Energy to Steve Butler ETU re MEE Policy

The policies have not been agreed by the ETU in any way shape or form and even the DRAFT’S release was done without the knowledge or agreement of the ETU.

The ETU believe release of the DRAFT POLICY’S have been done to try and intimidate workers into further considering taking a voluntary redundancy package even if taking that package is considered by them to be not in their best interest.

Ausgrid, Endeavour and Essential Energy have Enterprise agreements that do not have any reference to forced redundancy in the agreement or in policy’s that are referenced therein and the ETU believe those documents to be binding on the companies.

The DRAFT POLICY’S have been tabled internally for what the company’s call “consultation” even though they have refused the Unions access to members to allow us to explain the legality or otherwise of what is happening.

All members must carefully consider their own circumstances in relation to what they do on the question of voluntary redundancy and if at any time members feel they are being pressured into a position please make that concern known to your supervisor / manager and advise that you consider the actions to be bullying behaviour and then provide written detail of your concerns to your union delegate. 

Further updates will be provided by the ETU and in the meantime members are advised to take time to consider the implications of any decision and not to rush to a conclusion that may not be in your best interest.