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Electricity, Water and Utilities


Bruce Fan - Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Last week ETU overhead delegates from across Ausgrid met with management in a bid to come up with a safer system of work to deal with the workplace hazard of Post A (private) poles. The result of that meeting was a modified tool box talk which addresses our outstanding concerns and covers the new procedure as well as the introduction of an iAuditor pole assessment work instruction template created to enable a proper hazard assessment of Post A Poles. The ETU through our delegates is now satisfied that these two processes if followed correctly, will control the hazard. As a result of these improvements agreed to by Ausgrid; The Safety Ban on working on Post A Poles is now lifted subject to the following;

  1. Work can only occur on Post A pole after you have received the latest tool box talk and the associated instructions and understood them.
  2. The iAuditor pole assessment work instruction template must be used by all staff to assess the condition of private A poles prior to commencing work.

The meeting last week also discussed longer term solutions to problems identified which need to be developed including;

  • Improved Training requirements, scheduling and methods for delivery of training (classroom or in field)
  • Pre-inspection of poles during the planning phase
  • An on-going review and monitoring of Field Services A Pole inspection template (work instruction) on iAuditor


The ETU and Ausgrid have also committed to discuss private A pole specifications with members of the appropriate regulatory committees that are responsible for making representation on Ausgrid's behalf for asset issues affecting NSW Service and Installation Rules and application Australian Standards. These discussions will include making representations for the standards to insist on private poles being made of a material which is not subject to the corrosion that a steel pole is.

Mark Buttigieg

ETU Organiser

0417 208 447