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3 pay fails: delegate Dave says check your pay slips

Peter Moss - Monday, August 06, 2018

Veteran ETU delegate Dave Colusso says every rail infrastructure worker should stop and check their pay slips.

The Gosford signal electrician has identified three Sydney Trains pay fails that may have affected hundreds of electrical workers.

ETU members who have been underpaid may be eligible for significant backpay.

Pay fail 1
20% annual leave loading for shift workers

The enterprise agreement says that shift workers are entitled to 20 percent annual leave loading, yet Dave found he was paid just 17.5 percent for four years. He received almost $1,000 backpay.

Dave says: ‘Check your payslip for your last annual leave taken. You will see a second, smaller payment listed. This is your leave loading. Calculate that rate as a percentage of your base hourly rate. It should be 20 percent if you work shifts.’

Pay fail 2
Standalone 4-hour callout payments

The EBA mandates that on-call employees receive a minimum 4-hour standalone payment for each and every callout. Call Out payments should be treated as a stand alone lump sum style payment. Sydney Trains should not be using rostered hours or any other payment to make up any part of this minimum payment.

Dave says: “Any worker paid less than the 4 hr minimum at the appropriate penalty for call outs is owed backpay by Sydney Trains.’

Pay fail 3
Standdown penalty rates mandated

Sydney Trains must provide at least an 8-hour break between shifts, whether rostered or overtime, for all employees. If an employee is directed back to work during these eight hours, they must be paid double time until they get their 8 hr break.

Dave says: ‘I believe Sydney Trains has breached the standdown penalty rates provision on multiple occasions. An employee who has been repeatedly underpaid in this way may be owed thousands of dollars backpay.’

Have you been underpaid? Contact your Payroll Hotline. If it is not resolved in a reasonable time frame then Contact your ETU delegate or organiser, or email Dave Colusso david.colusso@transport.nsw.gov.au