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Rail, Aviation and Transport

Rail EBA Update - Fair Work Decision

Paul Lister - Thursday, January 25, 2018

The Fair Work Commission today ordered a six-week suspension on protected industrial action by rail workers seeking improved wages and conditions.

The orders mean the RTBU and Professionals Australia must lift overtime bans and cancel plans for a strike on Monday 29 January.

The decision demonstrates the unfair restrictions placed on workers and their unions under current enterprise bargaining rules.

Unions can negotiate for months and conduct a protected action ballot and yet still be prevented from taking action to protect and improve conditions.

This lack of fairness underlines why the ETU will strongly support the ACTU’s Change the Rules campaign in 2018.

Rail negotiations continued today with the ETU team prominent is pursuing the best possible outcome for our members. Progress was made towards agreement on several non-monetary issues.

The six-week ban on industrial action places the ETU’s second Protected Action Ballot firmly on the agenda. If this ballot gets up, ETU members will be able to join any future action.

For that reason, it is essential that all our rail members attend the depot meetings scheduled for February. The full schedule will be released early next week. Secondly, we need all rail members to participate in the PAB ballot for which voting papers will arrive from around 5 February.

A reminder to ensure your contact details are up-to-date – call the office on (02) 9267 4844 to check. Any other questions, contact organiser Anthony O’Sullivan anthonyo@etunsw.com.au 0429 429 234.

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