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General Trade, Mining and Manufacturing

ETU members launch wage justice campaign at Bluescope

Peter Moss - Friday, September 14, 2018
ETU members at Bluescope Steel have launched an industrial campaign for wage justice and to restore lost conditions.

Around 150 electricians joined ongoing action including stoppages and bans at Bluescope’s Port Kembla and Springhill plants.

Workers belonging to the ETU, AWU and AMWU are fighting for a decent pay rise and the reinstatement of conditions lost in 2015.

Employees accepted a wage freeze and sacrificed significant conditions after the company threatened to close Port Kembla operations. ETU members and others lost thousands of dollars are a result.

But now business is booming with Bluescope raking in $1.6 billion profit last year – the company’s second strong annual result and highest profit in a decade. No Australian corporate tax was paid on that profit due to previous losses being brought forward.

Despite this 119 percent increase in profit, Bluescope refuses to make an acceptable wage offer or restore conditions in stalled EBA negotiations.

Members of combined unions have dug in for a long battle, said ETU organiser Brad Currey.

‘Workers are rightfully angry that the company is all take and no give. The sacrifices made in 2015 saved $60 million. It’s time for employees to receive a fair share of the profits generated by their committed hard work,’ said Brad.