General Trade, Mining and Manufacturing

General Trade, Mining and Manufacturing

Protected Action Ballot: Vote today, vote ‘YES’ to all options

Peter Moss - Thursday, October 15, 2020

Dear UGL Broadmeadow ETU Member


Protected Action Ballot forms were sent to you via post from the AEC on Friday 9 October.


It is very important that you tick ‘YES’ to all questions and return ASAP via post in the envelope provided to the AEC.


Voting ‘YES’ to all actions doesn’t mean you are locked in to taking all actions. But voting ‘YES’ gives you the ability to choose any of those actions in the future if needed.


Voting ‘YES’ to all and returning the ballot puts you in a strong position and increases your bargaining power at the table.


If you don’t receive your ballot form by Monday 19 Octoberplease contact me (details below) so we can confirm your address and contact AEC to get a ballot sent to you ASAP.


A strong result (100%) and high turnout in this ballot is essential to give you, the members, the best chance of achieving your log of claims and a fair and reasonable Enterprise Agreement.


Any questions or issues contact your delegates or me. 


Keep up the Fight. If you don’t fight, you don’t win!

In unity

Stuart Elliott

ETU Organiser