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Workers left in limbo vote no-confidence in Council CEO

Peter Moss - Wednesday, June 28, 2017

ETU members have backed a no-confidence vote in Central Coast Council CEO Rob Noble and his executive team.

The vote by 600 Council workers came after 15 months of inaction from Noble and his crew. Noble was appointed by the NSW Government following a forced amalgamation in 2015.

Noble has failed to solve or address key issues affecting all workers formerly employed by Gosford and Wyong Councils.

ETU organiser Brad McDougall said that Council electricians still don’t know whether their jobs are secure or at what rates they will be paid.

‘Rob Noble and his senior managers seem to be treading water until September, when the first elections for the new Council will take place,’ said Brad.

‘They refuse to make decisions on matters such as salary harmonisation that are central to our members’ interests.’

More than a year into the amalgamation process, 85 per cent of Council’s workers have not been appointed to permanent roles.

‘The only permanent appointments so far are the senior management positions. Meanwhile ETU members and other employees are facing great stress and uncertainty,’ said Brad.