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7 reasons Evoenergy workers should vote NO to the company’s poor EBA

Peter Moss - Tuesday, July 14, 2020
Evoenergy is asking employees to accept a substandard EBA. Here are 7 reasons you should vote NO:

1. Insulting 2% pay offer
Evoenergy is using the pandemic as cover to insult workers with the worst pay offer put to a vote in more than 30 years

2. Every substantial worker claim rejected
Management refused to listen or negotiate, rejecting every substantial 
employee claim

3. Call-out payments slashed

Management wants to dump the longstanding agreement on the standalone provision for call-outs. This would cut pay and disadvantage workers

4. Income Protection rights slashed
Evoenergy will force you to take 20 days sick leave before accessing Income Protection – this is double what it is now

5. All allowances frozen for 3 years
The real value of all your Allowances will decline: ELA, On-Call, Meal & more

6. Removal of the Attraction & Retention Allowance for new employees
This would make new workers second-class and sow division in the future

7. We deserve & can achieve better!
You deserve much better than this insulting offer. Vote NO to send management back to the bargaining table

Send a strong message to Evoenergy: Vote NO to defend our hard-won conditions, now and for the future. Let’s stick together for the better outcome you deserve.

More information: contact your ETU delegate or ETU organiser Matt McCann matt.mccann@etunsw.com.au 0416 236 646