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Electricity, Water and Utilities

ETU State of the Union Meetings

Bruce Fan - Thursday, May 10, 2018

ETU Secretary Dave McKinley is travelling across NSW and the ACT over the coming months to meet ETU members. Dave will report back on recent industrial matters and provide you with an update on the major Change the Rules campaign that the ETU in NSW is playing a leading role.

The State of the Union meetings will kick off with the following four meetings, additional dates and locations covering the rest of the state will be provided as they are confirmed (Please find the picture below about the time and address):

  • Monday 20 August - Moruya & Bega
  • Thursday 21 August - Wagga Wagga - Wagga Wagga RSL Club, Dobbs Street
  • Wednesday 22 August - Deniliquin & Griffith
  • Thursday 23 August - Temora & Young 
  • Friday 24 August - Cowra 

All members are invited to attend and must RSVP for catering purposes, finger food and drinks will be provided from 7pm. Please email your name, mobile number and event location/date to joannet@etunsw.com.au or call 02 9267 4844 and ask for Joanne.

We look forward to seeing you at your local State of the Union meeting.


- Friday, March 02, 2018

Dear ETU Members.

Product Safety Australia, a division of the Commonwealth Governments Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, this week issued a product recall relating to Takata Airbags. This recall is compulsory due to significant safety risks and affects a large number of car makes and models and a small number of motor cycles.


If your employer has any of the affected vehicles in their fleet you should first contact your supervisor to find out if the mandatory recall work has been completed or to report that your vehicle is impacted by the product recall.

The ACCC has advised the following:

It is critical that owners of cars with alpha airbags installed take immediate steps to have the airbags replaced because of the significant risk of injury or death involved in using cars with these airbags. All other consumers whose vehicles are on the full recall list are urged to arrange for the replacement of Takata airbags in their vehicles as soon as possible due to the safety risks involved in the use of these vehicles.

If you have any issues arising in the workplace relating to the operation of affected vehicles please immediately contact your workplace delegate or ETU organiser.

In Unity,
Dave McKinley

APPLY NOW - ETU 2017 Education Scholarships

- Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The ETU offer six general scholarships every single year with each scholarship valued at $2,000. These scholarships are available to ETU members, their children and their grandchildren. To qualify, you must be enrolled in studies in an approved course at a registered training organisation at diploma level or higher.

To apply for one of six annual general scholarships download the application form. Conditions apply (see application form). Applications are being accepted for 2017 and close at 4.30pm Friday 30 June, 2017. Successful applicants to be notified by 31 July, 2017.

National Fight Back Rally - 9 March

- Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Working in Heat

- Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Weather forecasters are predicting that temperatures will be in excess of 38*C across NSW while the ACT is expected to reach temperatures exceeding 33*C.

All members should be aware of the dangers of heat stress please follow the links below for further information from SafeWork NSW on working in heat.




ETU members should take appropriate action depending on your individual health and work situation, including but not limited to taking regular breaks, conducting individual (personal) risk assessment and/or ceasing work completely.

Members should exercise extreme care as temperatures rise. If you have any questions about working in heat please contact your workplace delegate or ETU organiser.

In unity,

Dave McKinley - Deputy Secretary


ETU NSW throws financial support behind sacked CUB workers

- Friday, August 19, 2016

The NSW Branch of the ETU/CEP has donated $10,000 towards the fighting fund to support the 55 sacked CUB workers in Melbourne who are members of the ETU and the AMWU.

On top of this NSW construction industry members chipped in a further $2,000 out of their own pocket while an AMWU/ETU fundraiser last Wednesday night saw another $5,000 raised bringing the total to almost $20,000.

ETU Secretary Steve Butler said that the actions of CUB were un-Australian which is a far reach from a company that trades so heavily on what it is to be an Australian.

“As an act of solidarity these funds will be provided to help support the effected workers and assist their campaign for full re-instatement” said NSW Secretary Steve Butler.

“This is what being union is all about, standing united and supporting each other in times of need.”

“I have personally visited the picket line in Melbourne and I have meet these workers and understand what they are going through as a result of this bastard act from their employer.”

“I am proud of our membership in NSW for stepping up to the plate to support our brothers and sisters in Victoria during this dispute.” said Steve.

“I encourage all members, their families and friends to consider supporting other brands when next visiting the local bottle shop.” Steve said

ETU NSW Supports Sacked CUB Workers

- Thursday, August 11, 2016

The ETU NSW Branch has swung their support behind our Victorian brothers in their fight against Carlton & United Breweries after CUB contracted out the jobs of 54 electricians and fitters and offered the workers to reapply for their old jobs on 65% less pay.

The ETU NSW, AMWU and Unions NSW are hitting the streets tomorrow to raise awareness of this bastard act with members of the public. WE ARE ASKING ALL ETU MEMBERS TO ATTEND ONE OF THE ACTIONS OCCURING TOMORROW IN SYDNEY CBD, PARRAMATTA AND PENRITH.

We will be handing out flyer asking members of the public to boycott CUB products including VB. Details for each event can be found below - please click on the link for each event for full details.

SYDNEY CBD - CLICK HERE (Pitt St Mall, 12noon - 1pm Friday 12 August outside Myer handing out flyers. Contact Salim Babar: 0417 286 482)

PARRAMATTA - CLICK HERE (Pitt St Mall, 12noon - 2pm Friday 12 August outside Myer handing out flyers. Contact Iris Knight 0429 464 064)

PENRITH - CLICK HERE (Penrith Plaza - Riley St 12noon - 2pm outside Westfield entry/exit handing out flyers. Contact Mary Yaager 0408 931 899)


ETU calls on Essential Energy to reconsider vegetation control contract

- Thursday, October 29, 2015

Essential Energy recently awarded a major vegetation control contract covering the NSW Central West to Victorian based company Vemco. Vemco were due to commence the contract in February 2016 after winning the contract from current contractor Active Tree Services.

But on Tuesday night the Vemco contract was up in the air after the company announced without notice the appointment of administrators. No warning was provided to the ETU about the pending administration of the company and the union is now calling on Essential Energy to review Vemco’s contract.

ETU Organiser Stewart Edward said that Essential Energy have a responsibility to workers and the community to provide certainty when it comes to the safe control of vegetation around power lines.

“What we have in the Central West is a well-established company that has undertaken vegetation control work for Essential Energy over many years losing their contract to an interstate company that appears to be in financial dire straits.” said Stewart.

“Workers who are employed with current contractor Active Tree Services were facing an uncertain future due to the change in contracts and now we have a company that may not even be able to fulfil their future obligations.

“Even if Vemco resurfaced from voluntary administration I would hold concerns about the financial viability of that company and their ability to pay workers into the future.

“The logical thing for Essential Energy to do is revoke Vemco’s contract and award it to a company that has a proven track record of operating a reliable vegetation control operation in the local area.” Steward said

Essential Energy recently changed vegetation control contractors on the NSW North Coast where workers were encourage to resign their employment from Active Tree Services and sign a new employment contract with Eastern Tree Services resulting in dozens of ETU members having to fight for redundancy payments.

ETU Organiser Stewart Edward was in the Central West region this week to hear the concerns of ETU members working for Active Tree Services.

“Most of the workers I spoke to were considering switching employment to Vemco but had no idea what their new pay and conditions would be.” said Stewart

“Now these workers really have no idea about what the future holds as their current employer has lost the work contract and the company set to take over is almost broke.

Stewart said to add insult to injury Active Tree Services had a track record in keeping workers in the dark and trying to minimise or avoid paying redundancy entitlements to workers.

“Active Trees have a track record when it comes to avoiding the payment of workers redundancy entitlements and I have warned ETU members about this.

“My advice to all ETU members currently working for Active Tree Services in the Central West is that if they leave their employment or sign a resignation they will be placing at risk any redundancy entitlement they may have.” Stewart said.

“It’s time for Essential Energy to review the Vemco contract and it’s time for Active Tree Services management to come clean with workers and tell them exactly what is going on with their employment.” finished Stewart.

The ETU advises all members to contact the union about any concerns BEFORE they make a hasty decision which could cost them thousands of dollars. 

Active Trees has provided very little information to the workforce regarding their future following the loss of the Essential Energy contract.   These workers are now facing a similar situation to their colleagues on the North Coast who were encouraged to resign.

Active Tree workers on the North Coast were also directed to work many hours away from their normal area in an effort to wear them down causing a great deal of stress and anxiety. The ETU believes this was a clear strategy by Active Tree Services to reduce or eliminate any redundancy payments.

ETU members on the North Coast stuck together and through the actions of the ETU were eventually paid their redundancy entitlements worth a total of $1.5 million. Many of these workers have now made the switch to new contractor Eastern Tree Services.

Click here to read the notice from PPB Advisory to Vemco Staff

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