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Rail, Aviation and Transport


Peter Moss - Wednesday, January 02, 2019

Signal electrician Dave Colusso has notched up many wins in 24 years as an ETU delegate. His secret is simple.

‘The EBA is my bible. I know it backwards. Always get the facts and check your rights in the agreement,’ said the Sydney Trains veteran.

In 2018 alone, Dave identified three areas where the company was underpaying EBA entitlements.

His research forced Sydney Trains to backpay hundreds of electricians the mandated rates for leave loading, callouts and stand downs.

‘As a delegate you try to make a difference. It’s very satisfying to support your co-workers and ensure they are being paid and treated appropriately.’

Dave works hard to defend the gains of the past, but he has one eye on the future.

‘When a worker says “I need the union”, I tell them the union is me, it’s you, it’s everybody.

‘Members need to take that first step to becoming active. That’s how I started and that’s how we built the ETU.’

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