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Rail, Aviation and Transport

Prohibition on working on or near asbestos-contaminated equipment

Peter Moss - Monday, October 29, 2018

Prohibition on Working On/Near Asbestos Contaminated Equipment

Members of the ETU have raised major concerns regarding the failure of Sydney Trains to remove asbestos from signalling equipment. Over a number of years these concerns have been raised with the company but no action has taken place. As Sydney Trains, and its predecessors, have refused to remove the asbestos they are placing members at risk.

Both the CSEE Track Circuit “SI Units” (with a Manufacture date of 1987 or older) and “J- Type” Impedance Bonds (Asbestos Fibre Hemp Seals with no identifying features) have been proved to contain friable asbestos.

Members are advised not to carry out any work or task on this equipment that involves disturbing, removing the cover of or exposing themselves to the components inside which may contain asbestos.

Do not certify as complete any task, TMP, SOI or the like that requires you to access or disturb these units unless a waiver has been granted by Signal Engineering that exempts you from exposing yourself or removing the cover on this equipment.

If any of these components are damaged by any means whereby the integrity of the equipment housing is compromised then treat the entire area as asbestos contaminated and advise both your manager and the Incident Hotline. Do not enter the area under any circumstances until it has been decontaminated by a specialist hygienist and deemed safe.

This working arrangement should continue until such time that Sydney Trains has safely removed the asbestos material contained in this equipment.

Should you have any questions please contact Anthony O’Sullivan on 0429 429 234.

Dave McKinley
Secretary, ETU NSW