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Report on meeting with Qantas management 26.6.20

Peter Moss - Friday, June 26, 2020

Dear Members,

 Officials from the Qantas Engineers’ Alliance met with Qantas management this morning to seek more information about the 6,000 job cuts announced yesterday.

 The Alliance’s priority is on ensuring our members are kept fully up to date with each and every development and that we keep Qantas honest during the crucial weeks ahead.

 How the sites will be affected

 Qantas management today provided a further breakdown of the 630 affected positions in engineering.

•          Sydney will be moving to a single aircraft maintenance business unit, consolidating SIM, SDO, and SIO.

•          In CMS, 37 positions will be made redundant. Three of these roles are currently unfilled for a net reduction of 34 which includes 21 contingent workers.

•          In line maintenance excluding Sydney, one position will be made redundant in Adelaide, four in Brisbane, eight in Melbourne, and one in Perth, however 14 permanent night shift roles will be created in Melbourne.

•          Sydney Line Maintenance, formerly SIM, SDO, and SIO will have a reduction of 72 personnel (AME, Aircraft Worker, and T/A), with a reduction of 51 personnel across Maintenance Support Services and Aircraft Engine Support Services.

•          Engineering Operations Control will have a reduction of nine personnel.

•          We are advised the remaining affected positions will be LAME roles, QantasLink and Jetstar. No breakdown has been provided for these areas.

There are still many questions that Qantas needs to answer – including why they have pushed ahead with this announcement while the Morrison Government is yet to make a decision on whether to extend the JobKeeper program beyond September.

 The Alliance is holding more meetings with Qantas next week where we will get a port by port explanation of impact and timing. We will keep you updated as it occurs.

 Your union is here to support you

 Alliance Unions must adopt the following four principles as threshold issues:

i.          Financial viability needs to be proven by QE and protection of entitlements must be accounted for (Qantas is not too big to fail);

ii.         Redundancies may reduce the Commonwealth’s exposure to an extension of JobKeeper in aviation and should be opposed if that is the case;

iii.        Voluntary redundancy before compulsory;

iv.        No permanent employee made redundant before a contractor.

 Your union will fight to protect as many jobs possible by pushing Qantas to meet the job cuts with unfilled vacancies. We will also be seeking to ensure that permanent staff will be last hit – contractors and contingent staff must be the first to lose their jobs.

 The Alliance will also be working to ensure that voluntary redundancies must come ahead of any compulsory redundancies.

 It’s very early days in this process and we be working up a framework to enter into discussions with Qantas to make sure yours interests are best represented.

If you receive contact from your relevant supervisor, management or the business about this process please make sure you urgently notify your Alliance delegate or organiser as soon as possible.

 The future

 Qantas has proved once again it’s a ruthless operator. It can be no coincidence that the job losses announcement and news it was raising $1.86 billion in equity was made just before new private equity owners take control of Virgin.

 The Alliance has always supported the airline industry as a whole, and it’s essential that we work together to ensure that Qantas, Virgin and Jetstar all survive this pandemic and that as many jobs are saved in the process.

 If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your Alliance delegate or organiser.

 In Unity,

 The Qantas Engineers’ Alliance – made up of the Australian Workers’ Union, the Electrical Trades Union and the Australian Manufacturing Workers’ Union.