Below you will find forms that members may need to access and use from time to time. Please check below to see if the forms you require are available for download, if the form you require is not available please contact your nearest ETU Office .

Direct Debit Service Agreement

Please read the Direct Service Agreement before completing your Direct Debit details. This forms part of the terms and conditions of your Direct Debit Request and should be read in conjuction with your Direct Debit Request Authorisation. It explains what your obligations are when undertaking a Direct Debit arrangement with the ETU and vice versa.

Direct Debit Service Agreement

Direct Debit Request Authorisation Form

Fee Exemption Application Form

The fee exemption form is for ETU members seeking exemptions to the payment of fees. If you have been unemployed, out of the trade, sick or on parental leave you may be eligible for fee exemptions.

Download Exemption Form

Please download and return your completed form along with any supporting documentation to: Electrical Trades Union of Australia NSW Branch, Reply Paid 67073, Sydney NSW 2000.

Honorary Membership Application Form

ETU members who are aged 55 or older and are retiring from the workforce or ETU members who are retiring due to ill health can apply for Honorary Membership. Honorary Membership provides continued access ETU services and benefits without the requirement to pay annual fees.

Download Application Form

Please download and return your completed form to: Electrical Trades Union of Australia NSW Branch, Reply Paid 67073, Sydney NSW 2000. Or scan and email to: [email protected]

Distress & Mortality Application

The ETU makes a small one off payment to the next of kin upon the death of an ETU member. Please 
contact your nearest ETU office for further details and eligibility criteria.

Resignation Application

Under the Registered rules of the Electrical Trades Union of Australia, New South Wales Branch (ETU),

A member wishing to resign from the union is required to provide three months' notice in writing of his/her request to resign from the union.

You will continue to be liable for all fees and dues owing to the Union to the date three (3) months after submitting the notice.  

The notice can be sent by registered post, facsimile, email or delivered personally to the Office of the Union. 

Please call our office on 0292674844 or email us [email protected] for further discussion.