How Can I Pay My Membership Fees?

ETU members can pay their fees via a range of payment methods including Direct Debit, Credit Card, B Pay, Cheque/Money Order and Payroll Deductions. Remember your union fees are tax deductable so remember to include this expense in your tax return.

Direct Debit 


Many members have now opted to pay their fees by Direct Debit, this method of payment can be set up to debit your account on a fortnightly or monthly basis making paying your fees easy and hassle free. To pay by direct debit simply fill out the online form or download the Direct Debit form below and complete your details. Please ensure you also read the Direct Debit Service Agreement which forms part of the terms and conditions of your irect Debit Request.

Once you have completed your form please return it by Reply Paid Post to: Electrical Trades Union of Australia NSW Branch, Reply Paid 67073, Sydney NSW 2000. No stamp is required when using the reply paid address. Alternatively you may wish to scan and email your form to: [email protected]

Direct Debit Service Agreement

Direct Debit Request Authorisation Form

Credit Card & B Pay

If you wish to pay your membership by Credit Card or B Pay please call your nearest ETU office who will process your credit card payment over the phone or provide you with the necessary details to complete your B Pay payment. If paying by credit card, direct debit payments may also be established please notify our local ETU office if you would like to set this up.

Contact details for your nearest office can be found here .

Cheque/Money Order

Please make your Cheque or Money Order payable to: CEPU Electrical Division, NSW Branch. Cheques or Money Orders made out to any other name will not be accepted and will be returned to the sender for rectification. Please send your Cheque or Money Order Reply Paid post to: Electrical Trades Union of Australia NSW Branch, Reply Paid 67073, Sydney NSW 2000.