Asbestos is a deadly substance that is used widely throughout the electrical and energy industries and a substance that has resulted in the severe illness or death of many ETU members over the years.

The ETU continues to campaign for the full removal of asbestos from the electrical and energy industries, the only move that will protect future generations of electrical workers.

The ETU advises members that they should avoid working with asbestos at all cost and when unavoidable this should only be done once appropriate and accredited training has been provided and full personal protective equipment has been supplied.

In late 2012 the ETU uncovered that at just one company 49 cases of asbestos related disease have been documented in the last 22 years – an alarming statistic that must be stopped.

Online Asbestos Training

With the support of WorkCover NSW, the ETU and other industry representatives, have developed a free asbestos e‐learning package for electrical workers providing important information on:

  • What is asbestos
  • The health risks associated with exposure to airborne asbestos
  • Where asbestos containing materials may be found in the electrical industry
  • The safety controls that minimise the risk of asbestos exposure
  • Examples of real life electrical work situations involving asbestos

 To complete the online training simply CLICK HERE 

Asbestos Testing & Compensation

All ETU members that have worked with asbestos or who think they may have had exposure to this deadly material should undergo regular screening to detect the onset of any asbestos related illness.
Any worker can request an asbestos screening test which your employer must provide. This can be undertaken through any testing provider.

Dust Diseases Board of NSW

The Dust Diseases Board of NSW administers the NSW compensation scheme for workers that find themselves affected by dust diseases including those caused by asbestos. If you suffer from a dust related disease including those caused by asbestos and you have worked with this material you should contact the iCare for further advice.

Further information is available from the iCare  .      

Asbestos Diseases Foundation of Australia

The Asbestos Diseases Foundation of Australia provides support to workers that contract asbestos related illnesses. This support service provides assistance to victims and their families and can also provide counselling and advice.

Further information is available from the Asbestos Diseases Foundation of Australia website .

Office of Asbestos Safety

The Commonwealth Government announced in 2012 the establishment of the Office of Asbestos Safety following a recommendation of the Asbestos Management Review. The primary function of the Office of Asbestos Safety is to work with state, territory and local governments to develop a national strategic plan on the management of asbestos by July 2013.

Further information is available from the Office of Asbestos Safety website  .