Modern Awards

Employees that are not covered by a specific workplace agreement are most likely to be covered by one of the national Modern Awards. There are 122 modern awards that were developed to replace the thousands of state and federal based awards in 2010. However, NSW State and Local Government employees will still be covered by State Awards or Enterprise Agreements.

The vast majority of ETU members will be covered by specific workplace agreements however should you need to access your modern award they can be found on the Fair Work Commission website  or if under a state award on the NSW Industrial relations Commission website .

If you are unsure of which award covers your work please contact your nearest ETU office  for assistance.

ETU Agreements & Negotiations

The ETU negotiates workplace agreements on behalf of members across NSW and the ACT. These agreements contain the rights, conditions and entitlements of members working under a workplace agreement and include matters such as rates of pay, leave entitlements, hours of work, classification structures and dispute settlement procedures among other things

If your employer is about to commence negotiations on a new agreement and has issued a Notice of Representational Rights you should immediately contact your ETU Organiser for further instructions prior to taking any action. ETU members are not required to nominate anyone through the Notice of Representational Rights process if you want the union to represent you during negotiations, any advice to the contrary should be immediately referred to your Organiser.

Agreements once certified form the basis of members work conditions and are a useful resource for members, if you would like a copy of your workplace agreement please complete the request form below: